Our Partners and Supporters

Working Together

While Breadline Africa’s primary focus is on infrastructure development, we do collaborate with partners who work on-site at the community-based organisations that we support. The work of partners might include the provision of educational and nutritional resources, literacy development support for learners and/or staff training, support and mentoring. Through these partnerships, we believe that the quality of services provided to young children is improved and we can better ensure the long-term sustainability of our beneficiary organisations. Regular reports from our partners allow us to monitor beneficiary organisations more closely and thereby, improve our own understanding and knowledge of what is being achieved.

Partners currently supporting schools that have received a Breadline Africa library include Room to Read, help2read, Masinyusane Development Organisation, SHINE Literacy and Qolora Education Centre. Our early childhood development beneficiary organisations are supported by The Unlimited Child and Peninsula School Feeding Association

Breadline Africa Partners