What We Do

Breadline Africa’s focus is clustered into three main areas:

1. Library Project: Converted shipping container and prefabricated library project that provides libraries for low quintile primary schools across South Africa;
2. Early Childhood Development Centres (pre-schools): classrooms, toilet facilities and or kitchens using converted shipping containers and prefabricated units;
3. Initiatives and special community projects: Seaside outings, feeding programmes and school stationery packs

Infrastructure investments add up to a brighter future

Breadline Africa’s primary goal is to help children do better in school by ensuring that they have safer spaces to learn in. It’s difficult to focus on learning when the roof is leaking and the temperatures drop in winter. Teachers also struggle to help their charges when they are worried about the children hurting themselves on a broken board or rusty nail. Many units that Breadline Africa replaces are unsafe and cramped – hot in summer and cold in winter.

In the library project, the knowledge that there is a dedicated space to read – to develop a love of reading … to lose oneself in a book – is invaluable. It’s a haven from the noise and demands of home and a doorway to a completely different world.


Breadline Africa Infrastructure infographic