Breadline Africa constantly seeks the support of like-minded companies and organisations willing to invest in alternative infrastructure for Early Childhood Development or primary school libraries and feeding kitchens. These infrastructure units may be placed in a location of your choice.

For further information, please contact Breadline Africa’s director, Marion Wagner –

Early Childhood Development

It is estimated that approximately 45% of South African ECD facilities are in a state that is not conducive to childhood development, for example, there is no formal, structured curriculum and no learning materials. Of the approximately 24,000 pre-schools in SA, approximately 2,500 of the poorer schools have no water, no sanitation and no electricity.
There is an urgent need to support ECD in South Africa in order to foster a new generation that is prepared for life’s challenges. In response to critical needs in the early childhood development sector, particularly in poorer provinces and rural areas, Breadline Africa is seeking funding to provide more cost-effective, quick infrastructure solutions for ECD centres.


Literacy offers children the opportunity to develop a love of reading and ultimately, learning, which is ultimately a pathway out of poverty and into a brighter future. Eighty percent of government schools in South Africa either have no library at all or a poorly functioning one. There is also great emphasis on providing digital solutions – but without the foundation of strong literacy, it is often a missed opportunity.

Breadline Africa provides dedicated, secure infrastructure for a school library, either though converted shipping containers or prefabricated structures, offering a ‘home’ for children to inculcate a culture of reading for pleasure. Working with literacy partners, the organisation ensures that the investment made by a donor is put to maximum use. The literacy training and support provided by Breadline’s partners is the differentiator for the Library Project, ensuring its long-term sustainability and the desired social impact.


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