Morgenson Primary School, Hanover Park, Cape Town

This special, extra-large Grade R classroom handover took place on the day that learners were celebrating the end of the 2018 school year, giving double cause for celebration and some rather over-excited youngsters, who added their own brand of enthusiasm to proceedings! Grade R is the last year before primary school starts and a is a key year in a child’s educational development.

The prefabricated structure is not just a classroom. Due to its size, it also houses a toilet facility, sick bay and dedicated storage area. Mr Ashraf Allie, from Cape Winds, who co-funded the project with several other very generous donors, thanked them for believing in the school and wished Morgenson much success in the future. He also thanked Mrs Mylene Smith, the school’s vice-principal, for the hard work that she put into managing this project on behalf of the school.

Principal, Mr Enver Petersen, spoke about the challenging context in which the school functions, and how every day poses obstacles. But with the dedicated teachers, who are resilient and passionate about the children and teaching, the school functions well and Morgenson is recognised by parents as one of the schools of choice in the community.

He added that he was thrilled to be associated with Breadline Africa – he had heard so much about the organisation from his brother, who is the deputy principal at St Joseph’s Primary School, a beneficiary of two Breadline Africa prefabricated structures.

Breadline Africa’s Programme Manager, Ms Puleng Phooko, made reference to the school’s values – Circle of Brokenness to Circle of Wholeness, which are very evident as you enter the school grounds. She said that these values suggest that there are a lot of issues that the children who attend the school have to deal with on a daily basis. She added how wonderful it is to know that the school will continue to give the children a sense of security and a place to rise to their challenges.

The Grade R teachers at the school expressed their delight that they will start the new year in less crowded classroom conditions.