Athwood Primary School, Hanover Park, Cape Town

Thanks to the generosity of UCT Medical School Class of 1993, The Bookery, Cape Winds, Albaraka Bank and Good Deeds Charity Group NPO, the children of Athwood Primary School in Hanover Park, Cape Town will start 2019 with a large, brand new prefabricated library!

Although it is unusual to launch a school project so late in the year, the date was selected to accommodate the doctors who graduated in 1993, who were in the city to attend their 25th class reunion. Their gift was made in memory of Prof Bongani Mayosi, former Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at UCT, who passed away earlier this year.

Ms Nondumiso Mzamo from The Bookery used the analogy of learners as seeds that need sun, water, soil and nurturing in the library. She added that the partners, teachers and parents are responsible for ensuring that the seeds grow into responsible individuals in society, explaining that if one partner is the soil, another is the sun, and the next the water.

Dr Azgher Karjieker, representing the doctors, shared with the guests that 2018 marks 25 years since he and his colleagues graduated. He spoke about Prof Mayosi, who was respected and loved in the medical fraternity, and would be greatly missed.

An ex-student of Athwood Primary School, Ms Fatima Dolan, who is now attending the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, was pleased to be back at her old school. She said that when she was younger, she really did not like books that much. At the time, books reminded her of having to do lots of homework. It was however, the stories that got her attention, taking her to incredible places, stories that ignited imagination and creativity, stories that allowed her to escape from her community’s heartaches and disappointments. She expressed her gratitude for the books that opened her mind in ways that were not possible by other means.

Ms Diane Laugksch from Breadline Africa thanked the donors for allowing Breadline Africa to be part of this project and stressed that by working in partnership, donors have indeed made it possible for a very big dream to be realised for Athwood Primary School.

It was lovely to see the group of German interns recruited by The Bookery, in attendance. These volunteers sorted and catalogued the large book collection which the Bookery has donated to the school.