Nine pre-schools receive container classrooms

Breadline Africa set another organisational record on Tuesday, 23 October 2018, when representatives of nine pre-schools excitedly attended an event celebrating the opening of their new container classrooms.

The nine pre-schools, all of which are supported by The Unlimited Child, are located in Tshelimnyama, Amaoti, Molweni, Wentworth and KwaNgcolosi, in the eThekwini Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal. These impoverished communities lack basic facilities and have high rates of violence and crime, most of which stems from either gang violence, drugs, or sheer desperation as a result of high unemployment rates and poverty.

Several of the pre-schools cited overcrowding as their main problem, highlighting the growing number of children needing early childhood development support, while others have been pressurised by the Department of Social Development to find alternative classroom facilities for their Grade Rs (the last pre-school grade before starting grade 1 at primary school). All of the beneficiaries were most grateful to Breadline Africa and told of their joy and excitement when seeing their container classrooms offloaded and placed into position. A total of 756 children will make use of these new classrooms.

In KwaZulu-Natal, The Unlimited Child oversees 881 ECDs, while nationally the organisation has oversite of 10,871 facilities.

Ms Rose Hlengwa, principal of Masibambisane Crèche, gave a vote of thanks on behalf of all of the pre-schools. She likened the facilities to candles, saying that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. This she said is exactly how the pre-school principals function, by passing on their love, care and knowledge to the most vulnerable and needy individuals in our nation. She applauded the work that they do on a daily basis.

Ms Puleng Phooko, Breadline Africa’s Programme Manager, spoke about what a pleasure it was to put faces to the names and voices she had been regularly communicating with by telephone and email. She thanked the staff at The Unlimited Child for coordinating and facilitating the day’s event and for allowing the celebrations to take place at their offices. She also thanked the individual funders who continue to believe in the work of Breadline Africa, who make it possible to change the lives of South Africa’s children for the better – and who show their support for the great work being undertaken by principals, teachers and education organisations.