Munsieville Primary School 30m2 Prefabricated Library Handover – Wednesday 18 July 2018

Not only were we commemorating Madiba’s 100th birthday on 18 July, we also celebrated with the children of Munsieville Primary School, as they received a brand-new prefabricated library from Tsogo Sun’s Silver star Casino.

The school did not have a library–only a trolley of books that was passed from class to class when needed. There were insufficient books–not every child had access to a book.

The staff of Tsogo Sun were involved at every level. Their staff packed books onto the shelves, painted the exterior walls of the library and read to every grade in the school. What was also clear is that Tsogo Sun will be available to support the school in the future. Adele Wilson, Silverstar’s CSI Manager, spoke about her excitement in the proceeding days leading to the opening, and said that she strongly believed that the people at the opening truly appreciated the staff of the school and understood their daily struggles. Ms Wilson added her thanks to the school’s literacy partners, saying that it is their efforts that will “make the library come alive”.

Local leader, Pastor Thabo Mathlobogwane made reference to Mandela Day, highlighting the sacrifices he had made and the “freedom” that he created for everyone. He said that the onus is upon each and every one of us to create their own freedom. He left it to the children of the school to free themselves and educate themselves to become better individuals in society, and what better way than in the library to do so. 

Breadline Africa’s Puleng Phooko said that it had not been an easy task to find the right school for the project, but, she said the team was surprised and happy to see that Munsieville Primary not only seemed ready, but that the principal was a force to be reckoned with, with the right partners on board. The school was unanimously and instantly selected as the right choice to place a library.

All of the speakers wished the children of Munsieville Primary School many happy hours of getting lost in a good book.

Breadline Africa Library