St. Joseph’s RC Primary School Prefabricated Therapy Room Handover – Thursday 25 May 2018

With the help of individual donors and the family and friends of Dr Michael Darling of Ireland, Breadline Africa was able to place a much-needed prefabricated therapy room at St. Joseph’s RC Primary School in Montana, Cape Town.

At the launch event, the deputy principal of the school Mr Gideon Petersen mentioned the history between Breadline Africa and St. Joseph’s Primary School. He explained that Breadline Africa launched a classroom at St. Joseph’s on 25 August 2017, and today, 25 May 2018, just nine months later, a second structure was donated.

Prior to the donation of the new unit, the occupational therapists previously conducted their sessions in every and any available space on the school property. Whether it was in a classroom that was not in use at the time, an office or the school hall. The hall also served as storage space for the material used by the therapists, so space to efficiently do their work was simply not available.

Ms Nyasha Njela, Breadline Africa Marketing Manager indicated that the school is central to Breadline Africa’s heart and added that the celebrations were not just for the new therapy room, but also commemorated the birthday of a very special man – Dr Michael Darling, who would have turned 72 on this special day. Sadly, Dr Darling passed away suddenly while on holiday in SA earlier this year and his family and friends donated funds towards this therapy room in his memory.

Dr Darling earned his Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery in 1970 and in 2001 specialised as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. So for him, celebrating new life was a very special thing. He loved children and with this gift, his wife Fiona, his children and extended family in Ireland, will be able celebrate his memory living on here for many years to come.

Ms Njela also acknowledged the school’s contribution of  R50,000 towards the therapy room.

And then the tables were turned! Usually the ones to hand gifts out, the Breadline Africa team was delighted to receive 25 food parcels from St Joseph’s staff and students, in celebration of Breadline Africa’s silver anniversary, one pack for each year of existence. We will make sure that they find their way to families in need – thank you, St Joseph’s!