Welwitschia Primary School Container Library Handover – Friday 11 May 2018

Local airline, kulula.com has left an indelible mark on Welwitschia Primary School by supporting a much-needed container library with books. Kulula.com’s pilots will be able to see the logo painted 2.25 metres high on the container’s roof as they fly over the community, reminding them daily of their commitment to literacy in South Africa.

The school is located in Delft on the outskirts of Cape Town, a township notorious for a high crime rate, substandard schools, lack of jobs, and numerous government-built low income housing projects.

School principal, Mr Batandwa Sonamzi thanked kulula.com along with The National Lottery Commission, Breadline Africa and Shine Literacy. He said that his purpose is to produce critical and responsible thinkers. The library will allow all to further this agenda and will contribute significantly to improving the children’s literacy levels along with the promise that The Bookery made to donate 8,000 books once a safe, dedicated reading space had been secured! In closing he added that he was delighted by kulula’s support and looked forward to a long relationship with the company.

Ms Artemis Brits (Wellbeing Coordinator, Comair) thanked all the partners and said how excited she was to now be launching the second library with Breadline Africa. She added that the gift of literacy can unlock unlimited opportunities for all children in South Africa, and it is kulula.com’s hope that the implementation of this library will achieve exactly this.

Ms Vuyelwa Mbalekwa, the Programme Manager Shine Literacy, directed her words to the young learners when she said that “words can change worlds”, as a way of inspiring and encouraging the use of the new library facility.

Ms Marion Wagner, director of Breadline Africa encouraged the learners to make good use of the donated facility to allow them to expand their world, to explore far-away locations, to dream big and to interact with different characters. She ended her speech by quoting from Dr Seuss and promised to purchase a set of Dr Seuss famous children’s books for the school.

The children entertained guests with a brief dramatic performance, traditional dancing and an outstanding rendition by the school choir.

Welwitschia Primary School Container Library Handover