Mbekweni Primary School Container Library Handover 19 April 2018

Mbekweni Primary is a quintile 1, no-fee paying school, located in Paarl in the Western Cape. On Thursday 19 April, 2018, the school was the beneficiary of a converted container library and donated books, which had been made possible through the generosity of individual donors.

Mbekweni township is an impoverished community and the school is required to provide support at a number of levels. All children benefit from the school’s daily feeding programme and help2read, who has been a school literacy partner since 2013. Help2read provide nine literacy tutors for daily one-on-one reading support to the children.

Prior to the placement of a container library at this school, Mbekweni Primary had no dedicated space to house literacy resources and also no available space from which the tutors could provide daily one-on-one reading support. The provision of a container library is aimed at addressing both of these challenges.

Ms Diane Laugksch, BLA Strategic Partnerships Manager, and Mandy Trevor, help2read Operations Director, applauded the school for playing such an active role in establishing a culture of reading at the school.  Ms Laugksch said that for many children, Breadline Africa was a familiar name, as several have graduated from Inkwenkwezi Educare and Khanyisa Day Care Centre where Breadline Africa installed classrooms, toilets and a kitchen in 2014 and 2015.

Hope Evangelistic Outreach and Butterfly House, where Breadline Africa upgraded the kitchen and toilet facilities in 2012, also provide valuable after-school support to many children and their families.

Mbekweni Primary School Container Library Handover 19 April 2018