Ekukhanyisweni Primary School, Alexandra, Johannesburg, Library Handover, 24 November 2017

Friday 24 November was a day of great celebration at Ekukhanyisweni Primary School – not just for the children and staff but for help2read, Breadline Africa and Kulula as the library was formally handed over and knowing that for years to come, it will be a fundamental cornerstone to further enhance literacy at the school.

The school was established in 1980 and caters for all types of learners including those with minor learning challenges who receive intervention programme support. The 1,200 learners come from very disadvantaged backgrounds where families have just one room to live, study and sleep in. It is a nofee paying school and governed by 11 schools governing body (SGB) members made up of parents, educators and non-teaching staff. It relies on government allocations to pay for services, maintenance, purchase books and learning materials. The SGB raises funds to meet their needs and turns to businesses and NPOs for assistance. Despite all these challenges, it still has the reputation of being one of the best performing primary schools in Alexandra.

Erik Venter, the CEO of Kulula/Comair wished the school well and encouraged the children to read the books and emphasised the importance of a good education – hoping one day they would come and work for Kulula! Polite Zhoya from help2read expressed her gratitude at having a dedicated library at the school to further the work of the literacy programme saying that she hoped that the children will go far and that Kulula will sponsor the tickets!

The children performed two fantastic different traditional dances and did a recital. The master of ceremonies, Mr MA Letebele proudly told the audience about the many different cultures in the school and that what was highlighted at the event was just a drop in the ocean.

Marion Wagner, Breadline Africa’s director, thanked the school for the opportunity to place a library at such an amazing establishment and thanked Kulula and help2read for making such a difference to the children’s futures.

Breadline Africa Library