Masingita Children’s Ministry, Vischkuil, Springs, Gauteng, Classrooms and Kitchen Handover, 20 November 2017

Masingita Children’s Ministry was established in 2006 and caters for 55 children in the mining community of Springs in Gauteng. Springs lies 50 kilometres east of Johannesburg and was founded as a coal and gold mining town in 1904. In 1962, Springs produced 10% of the country’s gold and 9% of its uranium but the mines were depleted in the seventies. The generosity of Breadline Africa’s individual donors allowed the centre to receive two converted 12-metre shipping container classrooms and a six-metre kitchen container. The launch was attended by several parents and two of Breadline Africa’s international board members, Peter Attard Montalto
and Louise Seligman (former Chair of Breadline Africa).

Prior to this donation, the centre consisted of only one shack with no glass in the window frames – and this was where the small babies were housed. In winter, this room became unbearably cold, exposing the children to the elements, and the roof leaked in several places. The old kitchen was condemned by the Department of Fire and Safety. The newly placed container kitchen is much safer and more hygienic and has been gratefully received by the principal, staff and children. Marthe Mdluli, a parent at the centre, expressed her gratitude on behalf of the children and the
community. She said that normally, very little happens in Vischkuil, so the new classrooms and kitchen were ‘big news’. She was pleased that the small children can now learn and grow to their full potential in a warm, safe and secure space.

Breadline Africa trustee, Louise Seligman addressed the parents, saying that the individual donors in the UK understand just how important education is, which is why they donated so generously. She added that each and every one of them would have loved to attend the launch and expressed her delight at being able to represent them on this occasion. The children performed various traditional dances and recited nursery rhymes, ending the launch
event on a high note.